Eminent Technology is offering a update package for owners of the LFT-8. This package consist of two new woofers and crossover components to update any earlier version of the LFT-VIII to the current new production version. The new LFT-8a is now in production.

The new woofer has been redesigned to offer improved performance with a longer voice coil and travel (xmax) as well as a thicker magnet with an embossed back plate and a vented pole piece. The new woofer improves the power handling capacity of the speaker. It also provides a more seamless transition between the woofer and midrange panel and improves lower midrange distortion and imaging.

New crossover components increase the output of the tweeter internally and smooth the midrange performance. The update kit includes all necesary parts to complete the installation plus instructions.

The cost of this upgrade to the LFT-8 woofer is $200.00. The update can be performed by the owner or by your dealer. Contact your dealer or Eminent Technology for information or orders.

LFT-8 woofer is $200.00

LFT-8 Midrange Panel replacement $150

View the Instructions for the Upgrade