Note: This is taken from a complete multimedia speaker review which appeared in the July, 1996 issue of Home PC Magazine.

Eminent LFT-11

Lovers of high-end audio will find this system hard to resist. The speakers can be tilted for the best listening position, and they use a planar magnetic design - a technology common in expensive home stereo speakers, but unique among multimedia speakers. Instead of the standard cone drivers, here you will find a thin aluminum diaphragm. The actual speakers are set in oak frames and are only about 1 inch thick. Including a conventional looking subwoofer, the set possesses remarkable sensitivity reacting well to even the subtlest changes in music. To power the LFT-11 system, with a rated frequency response of 35 Hz to 20 Khz, you get a seperate 15-watt-per-channel digital stereo receiver, which houses all the controls. Granted you'll be making a hefty investment, but there's no question you'll get uncompromising audio.

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