The LFT-10 Planar Magnetic Car Loudspeaker

Eminent Technology introduces a new automotive loudspeaker standard for resolution, detail, and quality with the worlds first wide range planar magnetic car audio speaker. Audiophiles have been using planar loudspeakers for over three decades as the reference for high quality sound reproduction. Until now, limitations(cost, size, sensitivity, and reliability) have prevented their use in car audio. Eminent Technology engineers have overcome these limitations with the LFT-10 to make planar technology a reality for autosound.

Eminent Technology designed and built the world's first full range push-pull planar magnetic loudspeaker. Eminent Technology's planar magnetic car loudspeaker wioll set sound quality standards for automotive sound systems. The LFT-10 produces sound with distortion as low as some amplifiers, excellent detail and perfect transient response.

The LFT-10 will offer a new range of flexibility to the installer because of its thin profile and reduced space requirements behind the speaker.
The useable frequency range is from 400Hz to beyond 20Khz. Narrow directivity requires on axis or reflective positioning and assures excellent imaging. The LFT-10 is the first car speaker to have accurate phase response over a wide frequency range. The LFT-10 is not designed or intended for use in car audio systems where excessive sound pressure levels are desired. Typical installations will yield sound pressure levels between 100-115dB, depending on amplifier, crossover frequency, rolloff rates, etc. Multiple panels will yield higher sound pressure levels or allow a lower crossover frequency.

Advanced materials were chosen to handle the extreme environmental requirements of a car.

LFT-10 General Specifications
Diaphragm Weight 			1 gram

Frequency  Response  			400Hz To 20Khz + 3dB

Sensitivity  				86dB  @ 1Khz @ 1 meter on axis.

Power Requirements			50 watts minimum - 150 watts maximum

Impedance 				6 Ohms purely resistive                          
Weight 					4lbs.

Dimensions				6.5" W x 9"W x 1"D

Price 					$180.00  each

LFT-10 Rear View

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