Eminent Technology now offers an upgrade package for the LFT-12 Center Channel Loudpeaker. This package will upgrade any early LFT-12 to the current production model. This upgrade is applicable to all LFT-12 manufactured prior to February 2002.

The magnet structure has been improved with the use of Neodymium Magnets to increase efficiency and increase low frequency output. A redesigned crossover network compensates for the added output and gives an improved frequency response over the original LFT-12 design. With the upgrade, low frequency response was improved to enable accurate reproduction of audio information from 20kHz to 70Hz + 3dB.

Due to the high intensity magnetic fields involved, this upgrade can only be performed at the Eminent Technology factory. An updated print copy of the LFT-12 Owner's Manual will be included with the upgrade. Contact us for more information.