LFT-8b Planar Magnetic Hybrid Loudspeaker

The Eminent Technology LFT-8b, ETI's first hybrid loudspeaker using the highly acclaimed Linear Field Planar Magnetic Transducers combined with a low Q 8" woofer in a sealed enclosure.

Lft-8b available in Oak (pictured), Walnut & Gloss Black

The Eminent Technology LFT-8b is a hybrid, with push-pull, dynamic planar loudspeaker elements for the midrange and tweeter and a conventional cone loudspeaker for bass.

The LFT-8 is available from Eminent Technology dealers and can also be purchased directly provided that there is no dealer within 150 miles of your residence. Shipping cost is included in a direct purchase.

The planar section is in a sense, the magnetic equivalent of a push-pull electrostatic loudspeaker, differing in that it requires no step-up transformer or bias voltage, and that the audio signal is applied directly to its diaphragm. Updates are available to convert any older LFT-8 to the current model for $499.00

The magnetic drive principle developed by Eminent Technology for the LFT speaker series is unique to the industry. As the diaphragm of the speaker moves between the magnets following an audio signal, the magnetic field remains constant. In a sense, it is the magnetic equivalent of a push-pull electrostatic loudspeaker, differing in that it requires no step-up transformer or bias voltage and that the audio signal is applied directly to the diaphragm.

In order to obtain a uniform driving force over the entire surface area of the diaphragm, a low mass foil/mylar diaphragm is used with conductor traces etched (like a circuit board) with high resolution. The large surface area of the midrange driver gives excellent power handling capacity. A thin lightweight diaphragm is utilized for the high frequency driver.

The LFT-8b minimum recommended amplifier is 50 watts/channel. The maximum recommended power is 200 watts/channel. The speaker is moderately efficient and its impedance averages 8 ohms.

The low frequency woofer was carefully designed to blend seamlessly with the mid-range and high-frequency drivers. The design uses a very low crossover frequency (180Hz) between the woofer and midrange. The woofer has a very high complince and operates with a near critically damped system Q of .58. This tuning insures excellent transient response.

The panels are attached to a rigid steel frame to prevent resonances. The woofer is mounted in a rigidly braced enclosure.

The LFT-8b is biampable. The standard finishes are glossy black, walnut and oak with black grills . The retail price is $2499 per pair.


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Graphs, Manuals and other specs

Power Requirements
75 Watts Minimum

83 dB (pink noise, 20 - 20kH)
at 1 watt/1 meter (2.83 V)

Frequency Response
25 Hz-50 kHz ±4 dB (typical room)

Phase Accuracy
± 20deg 100 Hz-31 kHz

High Frequency Level
Flat, - 6dB, -12dB at 20kHz smooth rolloff

Nominal 8 Ohm Rating

Maximum SPL
105 dB at 1 meter

13" Width by 60" Height by 1" Depth

Shipping Weight
65 lbs. Each


Finishes Available:

Oak, Walnut, Gloss Black

Warranty: 3 Years Parts

Retail Price: $2499 /Pair