Eminent Technology is now manufacturing a new heavy wall version of the magnesium arm tube For the ET-2 or ET-2.5 Tonearms. The new arm tube is especially designed for very low compliance ( 20 X 10-6 dynes/cm2 ) cartridges which are characteristic of the latest versions of moving coil cartridges.

We have observed that the most recent moving coil cartridges had extremely low compliance and strong forcing functions. In order to optimize an arm tube for the latest cartridges the new heavy version has over twice the wall thickness of the current magnesium arm tube to reduce the resonance levels in the arm tube to the lowest levels possible.

Shown below is the drawing of the new design prior to forming the headshell.

The cost for the Heavy version of the Magnesium arm tube is $200.00. We are also developing a very high pressure bearing for the ET 2.5 which will operate between 20 and 80 psi. Please contact Eminent Technology if you have any questions.