The Edison Price Music Post is a five way binding post designed for use as output/input connectors on amplifiers and loudspeakers. They are machined from tellurium copper bar stock. Pairs of Music Post are molded into a tough, clear polycarbonate housing designed for easy secure installation replacing standard double binding post.


Bare Wire - The Music Posts allow direct, secure connection with unterminated wire. The front portion has a deep machined slot, through which even heavy gauge stranded wire can be passed.

Banana Plugs - The front of the Music Post is drilled to accept a standard banana plug. When the knurled nut is tightened the front of the post compresses around the banana plug shaft. This tight collet action grips the plug securely

Spade Lugs - The Music Posts provide excellent contact over a significantly large surface area with most spade lugs. Slipping the spade lug onto the Music Post and tightening with the knurled clamping nut results in a secure and positive connection betwee the post and lug.

Many companies use the Music Post on their products. These include Brown Electronic Labs, Canary Speaker Systems, Cary Audio Designs, Chapman Sound, Crosby Audio Works, Esoteric Speaker Products, Kaye Audio Labs, Marigo Audio Labs, Merlin Music Systems, Q S & D (USA QUAD), Reference Line Audio, Sota Industries and others.

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