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Edited from the July 1997 issue of PC/Computing, written by Paul Somerson


Help! We're drowning in a sea of mediocrity. A lot of us live in tikitaki homes, drive carbon copy cars, gulp down cookie cutter McCrap. Much of our clothing, our furniture, even our TV, music, abd books are stamped out by the yard. And too often our computer products come from the big PC sausage machine - vendors shovel in chips and boxy beige cases at one end, turn the crank, and miles of similar products ooze out back. So in this boring, me-to PC market it's refreshing to see a few products that dare to color outside the lines, the ones that race your heart and make you reach uncontrollably for your checkbook. Like Iomega's breakthrough Jaz drive-a slick little gigabyte in you pocket that runs at hard disk speeds. Or Eminent Technology's LFT-11 planar speakers, pumping out amazingly clear, clean sound from inch thin enclosures so skinny they look like optical illusions.

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