ET-2 and ET-2.5 VTA Dial Indicator

Eminent technology continues to support its tonearm products by offering a precision dial indicator for measurement of the phono cartridge stylus vertical tracking angle. This addition enables precise adjustment of cartridge VTA. For example .122 inches of vertical movement at the arc block equals 1 degree of VTA change at the cartridge stylus. The dial indicator mounted on the arc block with a resolution of .001" displays very small changes in VTA. Note this may not work with some dustcovers, 3.25 inches of additional height is required above the top of the tonearm arc block. The total cost is $80.00 for the dial indicator and mounting bracket, the price includes shipping in the U.S..

To order send in a check or Money Order to:

Eminent Technology

225 East Palmer Ave.

Tallahassee FL 32301-5533