1983 - ET-1 The Model One Air Bearing tonearm was the first captured air bearing straight line tracking tonearm

1985 - ET-2 The Model Two Air Bearing Tonearm , patented, featured adjustable VTA over an arc, interchangeable wands, and many other features.

1987 - LFT-3 The Linear Field Transducer, patented, the first full range push pull planar magnetic loudspeaker.

1988 - LFT-4 A smaller version of the LFT-3 using the same technology as the LFT-3

1988 - ET-5 A loudspeaker voice coil driven diaphragm air pump designed in house for use with the tonearm, - never manufactured.

1988- LFT-6 A full range planar magnetic loudspeaker with two new planar ribbon tweeters.

1989 - LFT-7 A larger version of the LFT-6 using 3 additional woofer panels in one frame for each speaker.

1989/90 - LFT-8 A planar hybrid loudspeaker with a 8" woofer, new midrange panel, and tweeter from the LFT-6.

1991 - LFT-9RR Advanced research planar loudspeaker incorporating high technology concepts and materials.

1993 - LFT-10 The first planar magnetic car speaker.

1995 - LFT-11 The first flat panel planar computer speaker. A hybrid with wide range shielded desktop speakers and a subwoofer.

1997 - LFT-12 Shielded wide range planar center channel speaker with controlled directivity.

2001 - LFT-14 Small wide range planar magnetic loudspeaker incorporating patented planar woofer technology.

2002 - TRW-15 Thigpen rotary woofer, a patent pending new loudspeaker technology, the model 15 is a low bass woofer for automotive use. Research and development project.

2004 - LFT-16 Hybrid planar bookshelf/satellite speaker system

2005 - TRW-17 Thigpen Rotary woofer for home audio/home theater use

2007 - LFT-8a updated 8" woofer for the Moel 8 loudspeaker

2015 - LFT-8 New Tweeeter developed for LFT-8 with NdFeb magnets

2017 - LFT-8b Updated Tweeter and woofer for the LFT-8 loudspeaker

2021 - Model Twenty Model Twenty, the first flat panel guitar speaker

2022 - Model Twenty One Model Twenty One flat panel stage monitor

2023 Model Twenty Two The first flat panel combo guitar amp