Monitor the Health of your ET -2 or ET-2.5 tonearm with a Pressure Guage Kit

The Health Monitoring System includes a pressure guage and all air fittings and a "T" to connect the guage to your tonearm and air pump. The guage should be placed next to your turntable and will display the system pressure any time the air pump is on (we do not recommend running the tonearm air pumps 24/7). The guage scale is 0-30 PSI and will work for owners of the original ET-2 Takatsuki SP6GA air pump up to users with shop type air compressors. Typical readings for each type of pump and a air bearing in good condition:

      3.6 PSI - 0riginal Takatsuki and ET-2 or 2.5

      5.0- 7 PSI - WISA 300 air pump and ET-2 or 2.5 with high pressure manifolds

      >10 PSI - users with shop compressors and ET-2 or 2.5 high pressure manifolds

      Note, if the pressure readings are higher than those listed above, the manifold could be clogged, if the pressure readings are lower, this suggest that the pump may not be performing correctly.

Price = $40.00 not including shipping

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