ET-2 & 2.5 parts pricing.

arm wand - $240.00 original aluminum, $575.00 for the magnesium wand and $525.00 for the carbon fiber wands. The price includes the harness

arm wand wire harness - $150.00

spindle - wire harness and plug sold if the spindle is returned to us, $200.00 to replace both parts. The tolerance of the spindle can be distorted while the plug adhesive dries, the expansion of the adhesive can cause the air bearing to bind at that end of travel.

counterweights - 4 sets lead $190.00, 3 Brass weights $60.00

I beam - $30.00

Counterweight clamp and cap $45.00, (attaches to the end of the spindle)

Counterweight holder with hardware $90.00

Aluminum joint - $200.00

joint insert - $85.00

arc block - This part is only sold and installed if the manifold housing is returned to the factory. Each arc block was individually machined during original assembly and there are no set tolerance parts available. Cost to replace the arc block - $300.00

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Eminent Technology

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